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Sell Branded Fundraising Products to Raise Money for your Next Event

Branded Fundraising Products like Candy and Bottled Water

Many groups sell branded fundraising products to raise money, so why not try it for your next fundraising venture? Selling Skittles, Hershey kisses or jelly beans in bags imprinted with your charity logo and website is a great way to get donations. Also, think about small tins or plastic dispensers of mints, all with the colored logo of your charity or fundraising concept. Logoed bottled water is always a great opportunity for sales. Just load up the cooler with water, put up a sign, collect money and you will meet your goal in no time.

Customized Water Bottle

Sell Some Giveaways

Sell or give away some simple things such as logoed pens, highlighters, carabiners or beach balls (plus hundreds of other items) to show your appreciation to your contributors. You can sell some outright or opt to hand others out. Make sure to have them logoed with your charity and website or toll-free number to continue soliciting donations.

More Drinks

Another thought, in keeping with the food and drink concept, would be to offer plastic cups with a can of soda inside. People get thirsty and want to have their comfort, so why not make it convenient for them and profitable for your charity? You can have a basic plastic cup or maybe even a Koozie, again with your charity logo and website imprinted, so the products continue to advertise your fundraising event.



If you are still undecided, why not go with the basic tee shirt? Your staff can be the models of many inexpensive tee shirts that you can sell and be assured they will continue to promote your cause way after the event is over. Also included in this category would be keychains, hats or any common item that people would use. Many people like having some token in return for their donations. These economical goodies could boost your donations and help achieve your fundraising goals.

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