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Congratulations to the winners of Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe’s Holiday Contest

Holidays are a time for giving back to those that made an impact on your business, company, or brand. Many show employees and customers they care with corporate gifts such as branded promotional items or apparel. This year, EmbroidMe / Fully Promoted franchisees wanted to thank their loyal customers with a holiday giveaway.

Football season is here. Concept of sports fan watching the game on TV at home, at tailgate party, or sports bar with snacks and drinks. TV remote, popcorn, football, jersey, helmet and beer bottle.

This year’s holiday contest was hosted on the local screen printing and embroidery stores’ Facebook pages. Facebook followers were asked to comment on the posts by tagging a coworker, which would enter them into a random drawing. The winner would receive a set of 48 stemless wine tumblers with a one-color imprinted logo, of the winner’s choosing.

The contest ran for five weeks. At the end of each week, a Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe location with the most comments was randomly chosen. From there, a winner was also randomly chosen from the comments on the post, leading to the week’s holiday contest winner.

New York Life Tracy Gran White WineWe would like to congratulate the following winners: Tracy Gran, a representative for New York Life Insurance – Fully Promoted Sioux Falls, Morgan Gille, who works for Dietary Pros Inc. – Fully Promoted Wausau and Penny Childers, a customer of EmbroidMe Pikeville, won for the Coal Run Fire Department. We would also like to congratulate Ruby Northcutt, owner of Trimerous Photography, from Fully Promoted Muncie and Kimberly Wray from the Clinic for Women – EmbroidMe Decatur, AL.46336666_1727595204011546_2973725584976248832_n

With the holidays coming up, the Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe holiday giveaway was a fun way for the local businesses to give back to their own customers. Many contest winners will be using the wine tumblers as client gifts or promotional giveaways throughout the holiday season. “They make great gifts for the employees for Christmas and nice gifts for customers to show our appreciation,” said Morgan Gille.

Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe shows their support for their local communities by recognizing loyal customers all year-long. The holiday contest is just one example of Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe’s passion to give back to their local communities.

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