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Golf Tournament Solutions

Golf Tournament Planning and Promotion.

Do You Realize… You Can Easily Double the Investment in a Golf Tournament?
That means, potential profits of $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 plus!

With the correct promotion, including golf fees and sponsors, that profit can be realized with very little out-of-pocket expense from you. We hope with the resources we can provide, you can make your golf tournament successful whether it’s your first or your twentieth.

Golf offers a unique opportunity to combine a day of fun with a good cause or corporate outing. EmbroidMe is your resource for all of your golf event needs, from our golfing event budgeting spreadsheet, checklist and planner to providing hundreds of options to help you capitalize on everything you need to promote your golfing event. Appeal to the golf enthusiast, who likes to spend their time on the greens, with customized golf balls and tees, caps and hats or rainwear and vests. Let our local EmbroidMe experts show you how to take advantage of every opportunity from before the tournament begins, until long after it’s over.

Tournament Event Checklist: (More detailed planning information is provided in the planner link above.)

  1. Select Tournament Director
  2. Choose Committee Chairpersons
  3. Hold Initial Planning Meeting with Tournament Director and Committees
  4. Select Theme
  5. Agree on Tournament Format
  6. Select Contests and Events
  7. Choose Peripheral Activities
  8. Discuss Pre-Tournament events
  9. Obtain Insurance Quotes
  10. Identify Legal Liabilities
  11. Identify and qualify sponsors and donors
  12. Visit and inspect facility/course
  13. Select tournament Date and Time
  14. Select course and sign contract
  15. Determine marketing/publicity strategies

Before the first swing

If you are hosting a golf tournament, your efforts need to begin 6-9 months in advance.  Pre-tournament promotions will help build excitement and participation in the event.  Some outstanding gift options include branded golf umbrellas, a set of tees, or a divot repair tool kit. See our Golf Products for ideas you can use throughout the planning phase.

Branded apparel is essential for the day of the tournament.  Your teams will stand apart with matching shirts.  EmbroidMe can help you find the best moisture-wicking polo shirts that convey the look and feel of your event to ensure that all the players can keep their cool, even when the competition gets hot.

Tournament Gift Bags

As with so many charitable events, gift bags should be given out before the tournament gets underway.  Choose a quality tote that reflects the theme of your event to hold items they can use during the tournament, such as a sports bottle, golf towel, balls, tees, and divot repair tools. Also, include a product they will use again and again, like a golf-themed pen. The tote, too, will be used many times afterward, reminding players of the good time they had, playing in your tournament and reminding them of your business or cause.

Charitable tie-ins

Golf tournaments are almost always themed around a charity, and there’s good reason for that—it’s a fun way to raise money and awareness for a good cause.  To amp up the profit possibilities, give away prizes throughout the tournament and end the event with a raffle.  Supply a unique item for the big prize and make sure you have plenty of branded giveaways so no one goes away empty-handed.


You can’t have a golf tournament without outstanding awards!  Make yours memorable and plentiful.  Your EmbroidMe expert can help you create trophies and plagues that can be awarded for achievements such as: Longest Putt, Longest Drive, and of course… the best overall score. Awards not only ensure goodwill on the day of the event, you can be sure the recipient will proudly display their honor in their homes and offices where observers can quickly be reminded of your event and your cause.

After the last hole…

Make sure everyone gets something to take home to remember your special event on the course.  Theme photo frames, complete with a picture from the event, are a popular post-tournament item.

Your EmbroidMe store has brand name apparel from the golfing companies you know and trust and we have the experience to make sure your event is special and stands out from the rest.  Visit your local resource center or give us a call to speak with a local expert who can help your event be fun, effective and memorable.

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Colorado Golf Tournament Schedules: This will be updated as we have more information.